T Levels Explained

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What are T Levels?

Technical Levels, also known as ‘T Levels’, are a new two-year programme that will provide you with a high-quality, technical alternative to A Levels that are awarded UCAS points. Combining classroom learning with a 45-day industry placement they will set you on the path to a job or give you the option to choose another course for further study. From September 2021 we will be offering T Levels in Construction; Digital; Education & Childcare; and Health & Healthcare Science. 

From September 2022 the College will also be offering T Levels in a further two areas including Business & Administration and Engineering & Manufacturing. These subject areas have been chosen not only to give you a wide variety of possible paths to amazing but also to align with the demand for skills that will be needed across Greater Manchester and the wider North West region in the coming years. This means that a T Level will equip you with the right skills for the right job. 


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Colleagues mind mapping on a whiteboard


Behind every good company there are hardworking business-minded people and talented administrators. Does this sound like you? A T Level in Business and Administration could be perfect for you.

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Ariel view of construction workers looking at blueprints


Do you want to make your mark on Manchester or even in the world? Whether you want to manage projects or have a more hands-on job role, a T Level in Construction will help you to build your future career.

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A person looking at a holographic screen


Whether you want to develop software solutions or protect people’s finances with cyber security, you could make a real difference to businesses and communities both in the UK and across the globe.

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A practictioner looking after a child


There are few things more rewarding than watching a child blossom because of your actions. Whether you’re helping them to take their very first steps, watching them master their ABCs, or supporting them to tackle their fears, every development is a sign of a job well done.

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Engineers looking at blueprints


If you want to an innovating career and like working in a practical environment with processes or machines, a T Level in Engineering and Manufacturing could be for you.

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Healthcare students looking at a demonstration


If the past year has taught us anything, it’s just how important the health and social care sector is to the whole of the UK. And it’s a sector that’s growing rapidly – the UK will need tens of thousands more dedicated professionals over the coming years.

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Everything you need to know


Think T Levels might be for you? Do you want to find out what a T Level course entails, what kind of opportunities the qualification will open up for you and how it is different to other routes available to you?

Our student guide to T Levels will provide you with all the information that you will need to help you make a decision. 

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Is your young person considering taking a T Level after they have finished school? Do you know what a T Level is, what they entail and what doors they will open up for them?

Our parent guide to T Levels aims to answer all your questions so that you can support your young person to decide if T Levels are the right option for them.

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Are you an employer or business owner that would like to help support young people in the region prepare for a career in your sector?  Then becoming a T Level delivery partner might be for you.

Our employer guide to T Levels will answer all your questions about what becoming an employer partner entails.

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A T Level is equivalent to three A Levels and is an opportunity to continue studying while gaining broader insight into what it is like to work in a certain sector, with the opportunity to specialise coming later. If you are moving on from your GCSE studies and want to develop your skills to obtain a qualification that is linked directly to a future career, then a T Level might be for you. T Levels are ideal for you if you would enjoy a practical approach to your studies, including a 3-month industry placement with an employer. 


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